Innoprise Tax

The Innoprise Tax Suite provides integrated operational support for self-reported taxes and business licenses. Using a modular methodology, the software provides flexible features for managing all aspects of sales and use taxes, including other similar taxes filed by tax returns. The Licenses module supports business and occupational licenses and can be used for other similar
licensing needs.

Our system includes support for all tax management activities; auditing, delinquency processing, collection management and accounting transactions (outstanding credits, NSFs, etc).

Our Citizen Access portal provides citizens with public access to manage, submit and remit payments for tax returns and licenses.

"The City of Aspen expresses its gratitude to Gordon Veale and Michael Coughlin for a smooth and successful implementation of the Innoprise Tax Application Suite - in only 4 months!!  System configuration could not have been easier and data conversion was completed with no problems. We are pleased with the intuitive user interface and are excited to be operating live on our new and improved system. Thank you again for your hard work on the project!"

Alice Hackney, Controller
City of Aspen, CO

Features and Benefits

Robust Reporting

The Innoprise Tax solution has several easy-to-use built-in reporting tools. Tax specialists can search for information, organize it on the screen, and generate reports from the data represented into Excel® files. The ability to extract this information into spreadsheets makes it possible for users to analyze tax information by creating charts, graphs, and special format reports without any IT assistance.

"From a user's viewpoint, having two separate tax systems was inefficient and cumbersome. We would have to bounce between both systems to make sure that all taxpayers were paid up to date. Now our staff is enjoying all the benefits of our new tax software from ad-hoc reporting, to automatic license approvals, to Microsoft Office integration. These new features along with integrating our old systems have led to a new level of efficiency in our department."

Carol Algeo-Storey, Revenue Manager
City of Greenwood Village, CO

Our Tax modules include:

Tax Processing 

Beginning with the payment from a filer, a tax return is filed automatically without requiring manual data entry to create the correct return for the correct period and tax types. The system makes use of automated search techniques and calculated fields throughout the application, most importantly on the tax return screen. This feature dramatically reduces the amount of data entry. The system employs a “back calculate” feature eliminating the need to enter the gross sales or net taxable, then the system automatically calculates tax due, and penalty and interest if applicable. Users can adjust calculated fields if necessary. 

Innoprise Tax will notify users when an error has occurred. If a payment by the taxpayer is less or more than the amount due, the system gives the user a warning saying that the return is out of balance. Overpayments may remain on the account as a credit, be applied to another return or balance, or be written off. Underpayments may be written off or remain on the account. The system can also be set up to automatically write-off a specified amount in either an underpayment or overpayment situation. If an underpayment or overpayment is within the configured write-off threshold, no further action is needed by the user. If an error is due to data entry error, the user can immediately fix the return before it is saved or edit the return as needed after it has been saved. All edits update the system in real-time.

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The Audit module is specifically designed for auditing procedures. It tracks audit amounts and any corresponding penalty and interest by individual tax type. For each tax type, you can set its designated audit period, which can span an indefinite amount of time. The Audit module also features a log function, storing both automated log entries and user defined log entries. Audits allow for an unlimited number of contacts and comments. 

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Delinquency Processing and Collection Management

The system has an automated delinquency processor to streamline the processing of delinquent accounts. At the daily interval scheduled, the system will check for ALL delinquencies configured in the system and generate letters appropriately. For most customers, Notices of Underpayment, Overpayment/Credit, Return Not Filed, Return Not Signed, etc. are generated on a daily basis to reflect the information placed into the system that day. Notices of Failure to File or Final Assessments are generally setup on a schedule, such as 10 days after due date, and generate on the appropriate days for the 1st Notice, 2nd Notice, etc. Your agency completely configures the letters and frequencies.

Delinquencies are automatically closed when the issue has been resolved, such as when the return is filed that generated the Failure to File Notice or an outstanding balance due to an underpayment has been paid. Delinquencies remain open until the issue has been resolved (or the statute of limitations has elapsed, if configured). Even if an account is terminated, delinquencies will remain open on the account for collection and auditing procedures.

The delinquencies may be reviewed in the system by selecting the Delinquency area in the activity tree, or just for an individual account. Delinquency notices can be viewed and re-printed at any time. All delinquencies remain in the system for historical purposes, in either an open or closed status. The system also makes it is easy to enter in a delinquency payment or use a credit on a return. All balances (credit or outstanding) for an account appear in the account balances section on the account screen and on the return screen.

Payments can be applied to an individual charge or to different types of transactions (tax, license fee, audit payment, etc.) and to different periods of the same transaction (e.g., multiple tax return periods). Each time the payment is applied to a different transaction type, the system returns to the Batch Control screen until the payment is fully applied or left as either an open payment or credit on the account.

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Workflow functionality lets you route license applications through a configurable approval process. Notifications are automatically sent by email to the staff or departments that must approve the license type. Automatic approval can occur after a pre-set period on time. You can configure the licenses selector to show pending licenses for the users that need to walk the applications through the various aspects of the license approval process. Once the license has been signed off on by all the appropriate users, the license is automatically placed into an approved status. Rules, associated actions and approvals are configured during set up.

The system will identify businesses that are not registered with the City or County when the taxpayer files more than one return. When entering a return for a vendor that does not currently exist within the system, you would add a vendor profile (a subset of the information required by a full tax account), along with the tax return. The system can then display all vendors that have filed multiple returns and do not have a full fledged tax account. Our system is not limited in the information the City or County obtains about the taxpayers business. The Innoprise system is object-oriented and contains tables in the database representing objects and their relationships. This design allows for user-defined fields within the Tax module. 

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Citizen Access for Tax

Using Citizen Access with the Innoprise Tax module, the public can:

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