Customer Success Story: City of Cheyenne, WY

Cheyenne is the capital city of Wyoming, the seat of Laramie County and the site of Warren Air Force Base. The City has a population of 53,847 and provides a variety of services to its citizens.

The City of Cheyenne deployed Innoprise's Financial Management software in March 2009. The City has also purchased Innoprise Community Development and Utility Billing software.

Barb Dorr, Treasurer for the City explained that Cheyenne was ready to replace its legacy SunGard Public Sector (formerly H.T.E. Inc.) financial software that had been in place for 25 years in order to improve application functionality and customer support. She spoke of the City’s implementation experience: “Customer service during our current Financial Management conversion to Innoprise has been outstanding."

The Innoprise implementation team worked with the City to set up a traditional "canned report" that Cheyenne users access from the reports menu. However, one of the strengths of the new system is that it allows users to create their own reports through the use of Innoprise's Selector. Using the Innoprise Selector, Cheyenne users can choose desired fields and information. A simple search for a given variable can be done quickly with the Selector, and more advanced searches can be accomplished with the Advanced Selector. The Advanced Selector lets users filter and select records using simple field matches such as "starts-with," "contains," "equals," ">," or more complex compound searches where multiple fields are compared using a combination of "and" and "or" logic. These queries can be named and saved for re-use later. Once records have been found they can be can be displayed on the screen or used to produce reports in HTML, PDF, Excel and simple text formats.

"In the market place today, the public sector is being challenged to find a system capable of meeting both existing and future functional requirements with seamless integration between modules, an intuitive user interface design, a native Internet architecture, and the ability to generate reports using standard Microsoft TM Office products," said Theresa Snyder, Director of Information Technology for the City of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The new software offers Microsoft TM Office integration throughout the system including extracting system data to a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet and merging information with a user-defined Microsoft Word Mail-Merge template. Users have the ability to attach Microsoft TM Office files, digital images, scanned drawings, and other videos, or sound files, with any customer or any object in the system. The City's financial users have benefited from having the ability to create ad hoc reports to fit their own departmental needs. Additional features include integrated Internet and online capability as well as the ability for users to access the software remotely using a Web browser.