Customer Success Story: Town of Branford, CT

The Town of Branford, CT provides a variety of services to 29,500 citizens including sewer, fire and a large park and recreation offering. Branford is running all modules of Innoprise Community Development software that replaced the Town's legacy system in 2007.

Five different municipal departments currently use the Innoprise system for reviews, inspections, enforcement and reporting. Several other departments have been utilizing the system for the reporting aspect of the software and have found the system to be intuitive, user friendly and very useful.

Linking Departments. Sharing Information.

The Town's prior system was limited in cross departmental functionality. Many times a new construction request sat idle due to a large number of manual processes between Building, Inland Wetland and Zoning departments. The Building department has significantly increased the efficiency of issuing permits, conducting inspections and issuing Certificates of Use and Occupancy with the implementation of Innoprise Community Development software.

"The system contains flexible user configurable options and a powerful workflow engine. Navigating the system is intuitive to our users. An employee who processes most of the permits is finding the single screen she tailored, to be very efficient as compared to the past where she had to constantly flip through screens to complete a permit," said Peter Hugret, Director of Information Technology for the Town of Branford.

An unlimited number of workflow steps may be defined to provide automation to support permit routing for reviews, inspections, meetings, appeals, approvals, application submission or any other tasks at any stage in the process with a scheduled calendar and assigned resources. Branford's permitting and inspection processes are now streamlined with intelligent workflow.

Serving Up Information Online

The Town of Branford currently utilizes the online module of the software for permit applicants/contractors to view and track the review status of their application, along with inspection results and comments available for their view. Information and simple transactions are readily available online providing convenience and improved customer service.

"The Innoprise system has dramatically improved the lead time in processing information. The turnaround time to process ‘Freedom of Information' requests has been reduced from approximately 1-2 weeks to less than 48 hours," commented Anthony Cinicola, Building Official for the town.