Customer Success Story: City of Billings, MT

The City of Billings, Montana purchased Innoprise Utility Billing, Community Development, Financials, and Payroll/HR software. The new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software will replace the City's current system that had been in place since 1989. Billings is the largest city in the State of Montana with a population of approximately 100,000 citizens.

"The City of Billings focused on involving the entire organization in the evaluation of the software solutions," said David Watterson, IT Manager for the City. Billings felt it was imperative that they had organizational buy-in throughout the selection process so that everyone at the City would have an opportunity to voice their opinion and be a part of the decision making process. "We feel that by being part of the selection process there are fewer unknowns about what we are doing and why we are doing it. This environment builds ownership in the decision and this is a huge advantage when going into a large migration that will affect almost everyone in the organization. Given that, we visited with our Administration / Department heads to build awareness and seek their approval to move forward," explained Watterson.

The City issued an RFQ for a new Enterprise Software System in December 2008. In addition, the City formed an Enterprise Software Systems Committee (ESS Committee) consisting of key personnel from throughout the City of Billings organization. The ESS Committee reviewed six responses to determine the vendors most qualified to meet the defined needs of the City of Billings. The selection process involved further evaluations which included two days of on-site software demonstration to every affected area of the organization. Innoprise was selected as the solo finalist and five members of the City of Billings visited five Innoprise customer sites, as well as the Harris ERP Broomfield, CO office

According to Watterson, the Enterprise Software Systems Committee selected Innoprise because it is uniquely positioned with not only state-of-the-art software for local government, but the Innoprise staff has a strong understanding of the City's current software. "Innoprise provided an opportunity to migrate to a true browser-based system to allow Billings the ability to easily evolve and adapt to meet the needs of our organization and the citizens we serve," added Watterson."The new software will greatly enhance our end-user's ability to access the data without the aid of a trained developer. Innoprise will develop custom interfaces into the City's existing SunGard Public Sector software to allow the City to implement the new software modules without a huge disruption in our organization," he concluded.