GEMS Financial Management System 

The GEMS Financial Management System (FMS) includes two suites of modules: the General Ledger Suite, and the Purchasing Suite. Read below and click on the links to find out more about each.

GEMS General Ledger Suite

The GEMS General Ledger Suite is an advanced fund accounting software system containing five Financial modules to help you achieve balanced accounts and stay in budget. Harris ERP recognizes that accounting for public sector monies and planning a public sector budget are difficult, but essential, processes. Our General Ledger Suite makes these processes more convenient by letting you define the fiscal year, as well as work in two fiscal years and several accounting periods at the same time. In addition, you can use the Budget Preparation module to budget for a third fiscal year. Read More

GEMS Purchasing Suite

Harris ERP recognizes that purchasing is one of the most complex and most watched processes of the public sector. The GEMS Purchasing Suite simplifies the process while providing peace of mind. For example, all purchasing information flows through to the Accounts Payable module to electronically provide a three-way match of the purchase order, receiving document, and invoice. In fact, all GEMS Financial modules are fully integrated with each other to ensure accurate accounts and to facilitate quick lookup of customer data. Read More