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We understand that as municipal employees, you are challenged to find ERP software that is able to meet your requirements both now and in the future. That’s why our native Internet architecture and flexible design provides you with a solution that is configurable, adaptable and easily evolves along with your enterprise needs. We’re the only public sector software solution that is truly limitless. Explore our solutions and services to find out more!:

Introduction to Innoprise

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Software Fitness Check

Many Harris ERP customers have witnessed a higher than usual employee turn-over rate lately due to promotion, retirement, or organization-wide budget cuts. This often leaves remaining employees to take on extra and sometimes unfamiliar work. Wouldn't you like the opportunity to have an expert evaluate your current processes and recommend improvements? Well you can by scheduling a Software Fitness Check. Watch our video to find out more!

Waste Management

Harris ERP is excited to introduce our Waste Management module. Originally developed for DataNow Utility Billing customers, we’ve expanded the module and are now offering it as a stand-alone product to compliment your existing Harris ERP software. See it in Action!

Harris ERP's Cloud Offerings

Our cloud-based ERP solutionhelps small organizations with limited IT resources take advantage of current technology and a robust suite of applications with lower up-front costs of a traditional ERP system. Not only will you see a quicker return on your software investment but your total cost of ownership will go down. Watch the video below to find out more!

More videos coming soon!