At Harris Enterprise Resource Planning (Harris ERP), we cultivate long-term relationships with our customers by delivering top-quality products, seamless implementations and dependable ongoing support. We build mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers where we work together to ensure we understand and meet the needs of their organizations now and in the future.

“The implementation process for Innoprise made our conversion seem almost easy. There are so many opportunities for data verification and process testing during the conversion that we were completely confident going live. Everyone in our finance department is ecstatic with Innoprise.”

-John Donaghy, Chief Financial Officer on his organization's migration from GEMS to Innoprise
Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water and Sewer Commission

We’ve completed nearly 200 successful implementations at sites across North America during our 30 years of experience in the public sector software industry. While we’re able to employ tested and proven implementation methods, our domain experts also recognize that each customer is unique with its own business processes, requirements and needs.

Some of our services include:

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Software Fitness Check

Many Harris ERP customers have witnessed a higher than usual employee turn-over rate lately due to promotion, retirement, or organization-wide budget cuts. This often leaves remaining employees to take on extra and sometimes unfamiliar work. Wouldn't you like the opportunity to have an expert evaluate your current processes and recommend improvements? Well you can by scheduling a Software Fitness Check.

We recommend that each organization have a Software Fitness Check once a year to ensure that you are getting the most out of your software investment. During a Software Fitness Check, one of our expert application consultants:

Upon completion of the review, our application consultant provides a detailed report with recommendations to enhance your staff's understanding and use of Harris ERP applications.

“We went through a Software Fitness Check in 2017 on the Innoprise Finance modules. Richard Pryzma was awesome and provided a select group of staff members with excellent tips as well as providing a thorough review of all the updates to the software in the past two or three releases. Most of the staff that participated have come on board since we implemented Innoprise so this review was extremely beneficial to them.” 

-Randy Bartels, City of Lima, OH

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Harris ERP consulting is focused on growing our customer's businesses. We know that no two customers are exactly alike, so we tailor our services to meet the end goals of each customer. Our teams of Business Analysts, Engineers, Accountants, Project Managers and Software Architects are trained to guide customers through such undertakings as enterprise software strategies, technology assessments, RFP building, streamlining processes and maximizing revenues. Whether you need a simple Application Usage Assessment, or a full blown ERP business plan, we can help. 

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Your implementation project is overseen by one of our own experienced Application Consultants who stays with you from project kick-off through go-live. Our Application Consultants work closely with your key project members as well as our own development team and technical experts to ensure a consistent, smooth implementation process. Our staff members are certified public accountants, experienced project managers, or experts in our software; they are well-versed in the unique challenges posed to local government organizations, and most of them come to us with a long history of working in the public sector.

Because one person is dedicated to ensuring the success of your project from start to finish, you will always have individualized attention and the security of knowing exactly who to contact when you have questions.

"The City of Aspen expresses its gratitude to Gordon Veale and Michael Coughlin for a smooth and successful implementation of the Innoprise Tax Application Suite - in only 4 months!! System configuration could not have been easier and data conversion was completed with no problems. We are pleased with the intuitive user interface and are excited to be operating live on our new and improved system. Thank you again for your hard work on the project!"

Alice Hackney, Controller
City of Aspen, CO

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Membership Plans: Join the Club

Harris ERP Membership Plans; Silver, Gold and Platinum consist of pre-budgeted service hours that members can cash in at any time throughout the year. Our members use their plans to drive such business initiatives as Report Development, Application Usage Assessments, Onsite Training Customizations and more. Members also receive up to four passes to the annual Harris Customer Training Conferences and various Remote Tech Service offerings. Contact us for details.

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Product Development

Our Development philosophy engages all departments within Harris ERP in the concept, planning and improvement of our applications. We also leverage the invaluable input of our customer community and our industry's leading experts. Our customers are enthusiastic participants in Harris ERP’s Executive Steering Committee, making them highly involved in both the design and enhancement of our products.

We encourage the engagement and feedback of our customers in all phases of the development cycle, and periodically poll our customers for their top wishlist items—which we then include in upcoming service packs and releases.

"With Innoprise, our citizens now have access to many features over the Internet. We can support online permit submission, online scheduling and viewing of inspections. Inspectors have access to the system from the field increasing their productivity on a daily basis."

Charlene Gabor
City & County of Broomfield, CO

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Remote Technical Services

Many government organizations are looking for cost effective ways to manage their technology support needs. In response, we've recently embellished our Remote Technical Services offering with options from basic IT troubleshooting to full server staging, along with:

Also see our Software as a Service offering, detailed below.

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Harris ERP is proud to offer our customers two Software as a Service (SaaS) models, in addition to the traditionally hosted model we provide today:

Cloud9 – Harris ERP offers Innoprise applications in a traditional Software as a Service model. There is no hardware for you to worry about, as everything is hosted in our new, secure data center (or you can select their own data center); you pay no licensing fees, only a “subscription”; and we manage the servers and environment.

LocalCloud – For those who prefer to keep their data on-premise, we offer Innoprise applications as a managed service behind your own firewall. We put the servers into your building and manage the applications remotely. Again, there are no licensing fees, just a service subscription.

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Software for Life

Harris ERP invests a significant percentage of its annual revenues in research and development. This ensures that we continue to be a leader in the public sector software space. In turn, our customers benefit from one of the most solid license policies in the industry: Software for Life.

The Software for Life program is backed by our parent company, Harris Computer Systems. The program ensures customers with active maintenance agreements will never pay licensing fees for same product line upgrades within Harris ERP, or to transition to another software solution of the same type within Harris. You've already purchased the licenses, why pay for them twice?

The Harris Software for Life policy provides our customers with the broadest choice of license-free upgrades in the industry.

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Our tailored approach to training speeds up the learning process, minimizes knowledge gaps and ensures users retain the information they need to do their jobs with confidence. We offer both on and off site training plans, follow-up knowledge assessments, customized agendas, free online training, frequent regional user group meetings, and two annual user conferences.

"Bailey, I want to thank you again. You did a great job with the training as I have got nothing but thanks from the City staff for the report training.  You, Robert, Dave and Charisse have been great to work with and have been very dedicated to getting the City moving in the right direction with regards to Innoprise."

Pat Weber, Finance Director
City of Billings, MT

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