Harris ERP Releases Innoprise Work Management v2.20
January 5, 2018

We’re pleased to announce the release of Innoprise Work Management v2.20. Notes regarding this release and prior releases are available on TeamSupport. To check the version you are on, please access the About page, as shown below.

Below is a brief summary of the enhancements provided in this release.

Capital Project Planning (CPP) Enhancements:

  • Implemented Project Input screen
  • Added ability to add phases and tasks on project
  • Added CPP user and project manager roles
  • Added ability to calculate actual cost and variance on project
  • Added ability to send project info from Work Management to Financials.
Preventive Maintenance Enhancements:
  • Added ability to do PM scheduling based on fuel consumption and sending service notifications to operator for mileage/hours based procedures.
System Control Options: You can now...
  • Create separate work order for each PM
  • Copy only asset from previous job to new job
  • Copy work order job description to job summary
  • Copy work order description to job description
Other enhancements:
  • Added ability to override WO assigned cost to charge to the selected department.
  • Enhanced the WM system to work correct when there is no Financials connection.
  • Added activity logging for changes made on user profile.
  • Implemented GL accounts hierarchy for credit accounts.
  • Added PCard transactions to webservice.
  • Made effective date of inventory journals same as transaction date of fuel file.
  • Added markups based on location code for fuel costs.
  • Implemented process for disposing assets.

To Access

Step 1 - Log in to TeamSupport

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Step 4 - Click the release title to download the release notes and to watch associated videos.

To contact the Harris ERP Support Team

Log a ticket via TeamSupport. For phone support, please dial 1.866.450.6696.

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