GEMS Wishlist Voting
January 7, 2014
Thank you to all who participated in our GEMS FMS and HRMS Wish List voting. We’ve tallied the results and will work on the top 22 FMS items and top 21 HRMS items as voted on by you, our customers. The items below are some of the ones we will release in upcoming Release Updates and Major Releases. We will let you know exactly when as we develop our release scopes for all of the items.

FMS Wishlist 2014 – Upcoming Items

  1. Provide the ability to combine vendors if multiple records for the same vendor are created.
  2. Enhance the General Ledger Report (GENLEDGER) to provide users an option to run by account type.
  3. Enhance the AP Check Void Edit Report (APVOIDEDIT) to handle the check process for unclaimed property.
  4. Re-establish purchase order encumbrances when checks paying purchase orders are voided.
  5. Add a default invoice date to the AR/CR Control Screen (INVOI).

HRMS Wishlist 2014 – Upcoming Items

  1. The Raise Increase Report (RAISEEDIT) will show the amount of increase.
  2. A new report that generates employee wages for MTD, QTD and YTD.
  3. A new report that lists all salary changes for a specified date range.
  4. Ability to run RECALCTAX for only one employee.
  5. The Recurring Transaction Screen (RTMNT) to list current transactions at the top of the screen by date.
To access the voting results, and also the full wish lists for FMS and HRMS, go to eSupport and select:
  1. Downloads, Documentation
  2. Harris ERP as the “Division”
  3. GEMS Wishlists as the “Family”
  4. For the “Category,” select Financial Wishlist, HRMS Wishlist, or All.
  5. Download the .pdf