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Lyman Hamblin, CPA of Hamblin and Associates, LLC, the external auditing firm for the City of Brighton, CO, provided a short testament to the auditing process within Innoprise:

“We are the independent auditing firm for a Colorado municipality who uses Harris ERP’s Innoprise Suite. During the audit engagement, the City gave us view-only access to their ERP system. 

“We were quickly able to learn how to navigate the system, and how to pull reports and attachments. This access has greatly streamlined our audit work and has minimized the effort for the City while we conduct audit procedures. We are able to pull our samples, view the transaction, and drag the supporting documentation directly into our audit workpaper files.

“City staff doesn’t have to pull and make copies of supporting documentation and we don’t have to scan them into our electronic audit software system. It is a win-win situation.”

Rich Anderson, Finance Director for the City of Logan, Utah describes how Innoprise has simplified the process for external auditors as well as his department:

“With our legacy software, searching for subsequent payments was a difficult and time consuming process. With Innoprise, it’s a breeze. We simply extract invoice line details for the specified period (usually year end to the date of audit) and we are done. Invoice line details gives the auditors everything they need. If they want to see a copy of an invoice, we have those attached in the software. If the auditors want any subset of that data based on any criteria, we can give it to them immediately. We don't have to request a new report of our IT department or wait for those results.”

Gayla R. Chapman, Administrative Services Director for the City of Grover Beach, explains why the City decided to upgrade its Financial system by migrating from SELECT to Innoprise.

“The City is looking forward to upgrading from SELECT to Innoprise. We have been on SELECT for approximately 17 years. Innoprise has an integrated Community Development application, which we currently do not have. Staff is excited about having this application as part of our financial system upgrade.”

See what Tracy Probert, CPA and Finance Director for Layton City, Utah had to say about the City's decision to migrate from GEMS to Innoprise:

“We were really impressed with the Innoprise software and its capabilities. More importantly, we have been impressed with the responsiveness of the support we have received over the years. There are many software vendors out there, but we feel like we have a partner in Harris and their team.”

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office is located in Largo Florida and consists of nearly 3,000 employees in five major service bureaus. The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office looked to replace its outdated legacy system with a user friendly solution built on an open system platform and web based architecture.

"We wanted a cost-effective solution that provided 21st century functionality that was easy for our employees to use," said Susan Dann, the Director of Fiscal Affairs for the Sheriff's office.

The Sheriff's Office considered financial solutions offered by Progressive System Solutions, Inc., SunGard's One Solution and Innoprise Software Inc.

"We chose Innoprise because it was the solution that had all the components we were looking for," explained Dann. "It has the integrated financial package including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Budgeting, Cash Receipts, Fixed Asset, Payroll, Purchasing, Fleet and Human Resources,"  she continued.

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"In the market place today, the public sector is being challenged to find a system capable of meeting both existing and future functional requirements with seamless integration between modules, an intuitive user interface design, a native Internet architecture, and the ability to generate reports using standard Microsoft Office products...The Innoprise Suite of software provides us with the tools to improve departmental efficiency, reporting capabilities and customer service."

Theresa Snyder, Director of Information Technology,
City of Cheyenne, WY

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"The City of Billings focused on involving the entire organization in the evaluation of the software solutions,"  said David Watterson, IT Manager for the City. Billings felt it was imperative that they had organizational buy-in throughout the selection process so that everyone at the City would have an opportunity to voice their opinion and be a part of the decision making process. "We feel that by being part of the selection process there are fewer unknowns about what we are doing and why we are doing it. This environment builds ownership in the decision and this is a huge advantage when going into a large migration that will affect almost everyone in the organization. Given that, we visited with our Administration/Department Heads to build awareness and seek their approval to move forward," explained Watterson.

"Innoprise provided an opportunity to migrate to a true browser-based system to allow Billings the ability to easily evolve and adapt to meet the needs of our organization and the citizens we serve,"  added Watterson. "The new software will greatly enhance our end-user's ability to access the data without the aid of a trained developer. Innoprise will develop custom interfaces into the City's existing SunGard Public Sector software to allow the City to implement the new software modules without a huge disruption in our organization," added Watterson.

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Barb McRae, Application Development Manager for the City of Billings, MT commented on the software’s intuitiveness: "We are re-tooling some of our IT positions as we have found that with Innoprise that many times the users in the departments are more self sufficient."

"When we found out that we had to change our software to allow us to stay up with our state laws that were changing, we wanted to go with a company that had excellent support service. We wanted to go with a software that was proven and performed perfect and was user friendly. We wanted a software that was affordable," explains Gary Rice, Application Specialist for Benton County, AR. "There was only one that gave us everything that we were looking for…..Innoprise."

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"Innoprise is a very intuitive and logical system. The ability of the system to conform to our workflow, not the other way around was most impressive. Our department is looking forward to implementing updated business processes without the software introducing limitations as to what those processes can be. We are looking forward to improving departmental efficiency with new features of Innoprise Financials, as well as minimizing future support costs."

Dave Clark, Director of Finance,
Village of Glencoe, IL

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"From a user's viewpoint, having two separate tax systems was inefficient and cumbersome. We would have to bounce between both systems to make sure that all taxpayers were paid up to date. Now our staff is enjoying all the benefits of our new tax software from ad-hoc reporting, to automatic license approvals, to Microsoft Office integration. These new features along with integrating our old systems have led to a new level of efficiency in our department."

Carol Algeo-Storey, Revenue Manager,
City of Greenwood Village, CO

"We wanted a fully integrated, Web-based Community Development system... with Innoprise, we can easily deploy the application in the field to our inspectors…and provide online electronic plan review and submittals for our customers as well."

Jeff Brasel, Principal Planner,
City of Centennial, CO

"With Innoprise, our citizens now have access to many features over the Internet. We can support online permit submission, online scheduling and viewing of inspections. Inspectors have access to the system from the field increasing their productivity on a daily basis," said Charlene Gabor, Community Development Administrative Analyst for the City and County of Broomfield, CO.

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"We anticipate improving departmental efficiency by utilizing the automated workflow features and process driven functionality that is built into all of the Innoprise applications."

Patrick Weber, Finance Director,
City of Billings, MT

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