Customer Buzz on Training

See what customers have to say about Harris ERP training:

“We went through a Software Fitness Check in 2017 on the Innoprise Finance modules. Richard Pryzma was awesome and provided a select group of staff members with excellent tips as well as providing a thorough review of all the updates to the software in the past two or three releases. Most of the staff that participated have come on board since we implemented Innoprise so this review was extremely beneficial to them.”

Randy Bartels
City of Lima, OH

"Blake, I would like to add my words of thanks. I thought the week went very well, I was very appreciative of your training style and approachability during all sessions. I have enjoyed working with you for several years now and it was nice to finally get a face to put with the voice I’ve known for so long. We have heard several success stories so far of individuals that are learning to use the system."

Rhonda Moen CPA, CPFO; Finance Director
City of Owatonna, MN

Harris ERP employees Charu and Blake worked together to present GEMS customers features of FMS 7.0. Here’s what customers had to say about the presentation and the latest enhancements:

“I really enjoyed the presentation & think the changes are great!”
-- Lori McCardle, IT Software Specialist for the City of Thomasville, GA

“Wonderful Presentation! Can’t wait to ‘go live’ [on FMS7.0]!”
-- Gail Kerr-Moore, AP Supervisor for Shelby County, TN

Awesome new features- especially for vendor address numbers.”
--Tracy Leed, Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU), PA

“Chris,I just wanted to thank you for your time last week in providing our staff the CIS training. You did an exceptional job in covering the items we requested and utilizing the Smartboard to increase staff participation. You were patient and provided a comfortable pace and environment for their learning.

“I especially want to thank you for your patience and flexibility in accommodating the duplicate sessions in the training schedule required to provide training to all of utility billing and water shop staff, and reiterating pieces as needed to ensure everyone received the critical information.”

Sherri Cliff
City of Brighton, CO

“Hi Tammy, We are not the easiest client.  I wanted to compliment Valerie and send an “attagirl” email. Valerie is an excellent trainer and this three-day visit went extremely well. Thank You again!”

John Cardoza
City of Merced, CA

Regarding the training sessions Laura Mathis has been providing at St. Tammany Parish Government in Louisiana the week of December 9 (2013), Jackie Nunenmacher heartily exclaimed, “Laura is a wealth of information!”

Donna [Wortman], thank you for the [follow up] information. We certainly enjoyed having you! All are giving your training high marks. I already ran my Service Award reports; I felt so accomplished.”

Anne Price
Ellis County, TX

“Thank you [Donna Wortman] so much for the GEMS HRMS training. You were wonderful to work with and a tremendous help. Thank you for all the documentation.”

Pam Holt
Wayne County, NC

“I wanted to send another compliment your way on behalf of Dan Burrell on the Innoprise Payroll demo today. He too was very knowledgeable, knew the module in depth, explained the options within the module and was able to answer all our finance department questions. Dan was also able to show examples of questions that were asked. Thank you!”

John Cardoza
City of Merced, CA

“I just want to convey my complete satisfaction with Gail Sorensen’s recent training visit. Staff was raving about her knowledge of the application and patience and all were completely satisfied. Staff believes they have made great strides and we are all anticipating to be ready to go [live]. Gail is definitely an asset to your organization and is a keeper! I was very impressed.”

Steve Williams, Manager, Information Services
Township of East Brunswick, NJ

“I wanted to send a compliment your way on behalf of Bailey Blanchette and Robert Hatton on the Financials Demos. They were both extremely knowledgeable, knew the modules and could explain each option within the modules very well. Because of Bailey’s ability to share his knowledge with our staff the financial modules are starting with a positive note.”

John Cardoza
City of Merced, CA

"Bailey, I want to thank you again. You did a great job with the training as I have got nothing but thanks from the City staff for the report training.  You, Robert, Dave and Charisse have been great to work with and have been very dedicated to getting the City moving in the right direction with regards to Innoprise."

Pat Weber, Finance Director,
City of Billings, MT

Belinda Burnett, Software Analyst III for the City of Merced, CA wrote in with a thank you to Support team member Laura Mathis on her introduction to eSupport training:
"My compliments to you on your presentation! You have a great style. What I liked was that you had plan, did not jump around and answered questions with understanding. It was worth taking the time."

Jeffrey Blume, Director of Finance for the City of Ferguson, MO, writes:
"I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for the GLI Training today. I am writing because I want you to know how one of your more advanced user/customer's thinks of Harris Computer.

I have enough IT background, especially for an accountant, to make me a high end user. I have high expectations and I know the hoops I want my software to jump through. And generally I know how big the hoop is. That is why I would never use a product with less functionality and flexibility than GEMS. But I know how to get done what I need to get done with this product or I know how to approach the Harris resources to figure out how to get done what I need to get done.

Last year I hired a consultant to implement CAFR Unlimited. I use it both for CAFR and for monthly internal reporting. In implementing CAFR Unlimited we learned we first had to populate monthly budgets in GEMS. We [the consultant with a little direction from me] used GLI to accomplish that.

So, it is time for me to learn GLI. So when I saw this course offering just a couple of days ago, I changed my meeting schedule today to make sure I attended training. I now know I can and how to use GLI to populate any table. That's worth a "ton" to me.

Thank you for providing this product and this training."

Feedback from Blake's online SkyView training: "Great class!  It is exciting to get the training without leaving town. I am looking forward to the advanced class next week. The queries are especially helpful when compiling data for the ICMA benchmarking that our city participates in and also budgeting, etc. Thanks again!"

Patricia 'Trish' Hohenberg,
City of Richland, WA

Deca Wasson at the City of Casper, WY said, "Thanks Blake!!!   Awesome presentation!!!"

"Let me say how much we appreciated the time we spent with Blake for CAFR training and Budget Preparation last week. After a full day of training on the CAFR and Budget Preparation, Blake made himself available to staff to discuss any questions we had regarding our specific responsibilities. His depth of knowledge and unique ability to "zero in" and answer a question with clarity make us all more successful as we expand our skills in GEMS. I know onsite training is the most "costly" method of training, but when you have someone like Blake delivering the product so effectively, the end result is a satisfied customer equipped with the tools to make the most of the product. It was a great week!"

Linda Dasse, Executive Assistant,
City of Tracy, CA

"The training this week has been FANTASTIC, many kudos to Laura. Every day the group has come away with a new process or screen functionality that has helped streamline their work. This training has also helped the new finance director have more ownership of the product through a better understanding of what pulls everything together behind the scenes. Though we've used this software for 11 years now it's amazing what we didn't know or understand properly."

Jill Olson, Sr. Programmer/Analyst, 
Yamhill County, OR

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