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See what customers have to say about Harris ERP support:

Customers recently provided compliments to the Harris ERP Support team via our new customer portal, TeamSupport. Here’s what they had to say:

Harris/GEMS support people RULE! awesome service. Thank you to all.” -JoAnne Sosnowski; Dauphin County, PA - GEMS user

Blake, as usual, delivered quick and accurate customer service. It's always a joy (even when what I've done is not so joyful) to work with him!” -Kimber Kingman; City of Richmond, IN - GEMS user

“Quick and easy fix. Nice job handling it without making the user feel foolish.” -Martin Brenner; City of Clayton, MO - GEMS user

The best. Gen goes above and beyond. Thank you!” -Troy Bassett; Town of Tiburon, CA - Select user

Joe Musgrave, Information Systems Director for Pulaski County, AR, wrote in with compliments to Harris ERP Technical Services representative Brent Goetz, for his help in solving an invoice posting issue between the County’s GEMS Payroll application and its Innoprise Financials application:

“As always, superb job Brent!”

“The City of Brighton just finished the processing of approximately 6,500 one-time vendor checks for our Food Sales Tax rebate program. The City had not previously used the one time vendor payment import process. Innoprise staff were instrumental in helping us set up a new bank account, one time vendor import, and generating the positive pay file. The timely assistance from Innoprise allowed us to meet the check distribution deadline. Thanks for your help in achieving a very successful program.”

Dan Frelund, Finance Director for the City of Brighton, CO

“I just wanted to take the time to express to you how impressed I was by the quality of the training we received here at the City of Winfield last week. Our instructor, Donna Wortman was very prepared, knowledgeable and supportive. After years of using this system we were finally able to walk away from this one week training feeling as though we had direction and confidence in our abilities to utilize the system the way it was intended.

“My purpose for writing this is to let you know that you have a great asset in Donna and your support staff. They have been extremely helpful in our problem solving and execution of strategy. Far too frequently those in charge only hear from their customers when they are upset of dissatisfied with a product or person. I would like to take this opportunity to express to you how thankful and SATISFIED we were with the professionalism, dependability and adaptability Donna demonstrated while providing us great customer service.”

Jamie Chism, Director of Human Resources, City of Winfield, KS

“I have to say I think I speak for most of my department when I say the best thing about this software is the support we receive from the programmers. Wade, Doug & Ben are the absolute best when it comes to customer service. Any issues or questions we have, these guys are on top of it and are so helpful in directing us and explaining what it is we are doing wrong or fixing any issue. Hands down the support from [Harris ERP] is beyond exceptional.”

Julie Bryce, Long-time DataNow customer and Waste Management user
City of Safford, AZ

“I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful employee you have in Toni Bolden. She is the most helpful support technician that I have ever dealt with and is extremely responsive to any of our needs. It is very appreciated.”

Robin Lockman, CPA, Deputy City Treasurer
City of Cheyenne, WY

“Laura – I appreciated your call this morning to collaborate on the means to fix my situation. It was most helpful – as always! I always appreciate your understanding of the issues and good suggestions. David – Thanks so much for assisting on retrieving my call and getting me assistance! I try not to bother you often and although Laura agreed with my resolution plan I always like the confirmation that I am considering all the impacts which Laura is excellent at! Thanks so very much!! Have a great week.”

Betty Luebke
City of Clayton, CO

"I wanted to say that Genevieve is really good on the support desk. She has always handled issues very well and always followed up."

Jeromy King
City of Brighton, CO

“I would like to tell you both (Blake & Charu) thank you for putting up with me for the last couple of weeks and being patient while I got through this depreciation. Thank you Charu for calming me down last week when you could sense that I was in a panic. You were very patient and took the extra time to walk me through things.Your kindness is very much appreciated! Thanks again!”

Eileen Solario
City of Tracy, CA

“We have been with [Harris ERP] for 15 years now. Over all that time, your support people and your tech & development people have been the absolute best! They have helped me through some major jam ups. I especially commend Donna Wortman and Krish Rajagopal who have helped me in the last several years. They deserve a pat on the back.”

Joanne Sosnowski
County of Dauphin, PA

“Theresa Reta has been great to work with on reports and such!  Great person! She has been wonderful to work with all my years with the City. She is fast, courteous, etc.!”

Jim Throop
City of Paso Robles, CA

“The County’s thanks go out to Blake Robertson who resolved all of our issues and has completely satisfied our needs!

George Huntington
Dauphin County, PA

“Hi David, In case you don't already know it, Rana is wonderful. I had been struggling off and on for a couple weeks to get SQL to pull some data my boss needed to do an analysis of our utilities billing accounts with rate information included for each account. I kept getting every single rate code possible within the system instead of the ones specific to the account. I finally gave up and put in a support request late in the day on Labor Day. Rana had my answer to me first thing Tuesday morning and, of course, her SQL worked perfectly. I know how hard it is on programmers to be distracted from their primary duties so I doubly appreciate her taking the time to help me out so quickly.”

Stephanie Adams
City of Casa Grande, AZ

Laureano, Thank you for your help! Gladstone's been going through some procedure changes that have been challenging to get straight in the software. We got ourselves into some tight spots, particularly in the last two weeks, as we converted from billing half the accounts each month to billing all of them each month. Thanks to your help, Connie was able to get all the bills off to the printer last Friday. Laureano, Rana and Cathy have all been great about getting us past the problems. So kudos to all of you! Thank you.”

Beth Saluzzi
City of Gladstone, MO

"Hi Dave, I would like to take a minute and let you know that we are very grateful to have had Kim work with us on our conversion to the AB Suite application. Kim went above and beyond my expectations, especially on the first day when we had a database issue on the new server. We had hoped that the process would take the morning and possibly part of the afternoon and that our users would be able to access the GEMS ABS applications late that day. When the issue arrived, I figured that Kim would be able to finish up the next morning and we would be good for the afternoon, but Kim worked very late into Monday night to ensure we would be able to allow our users in first thing Monday morning. She has also been very attentive to our needs and issues since the go live date.

"I really hadn’t worked with Kim before, but I have been impressed with the knowledge she possesses and her ability to relate that knowledge to us. Brent also was instrumental in helping us with issues while Kim was out of the office."

Charles Anderson, Systems Administrator
Wayne County, OH Auditor’s Office

“I wanted to give kudos to Blake Robertson for all he does for us at Casper. He always follows through.”

Linda Carlson
City of Casper, WY

“Good Morning Gentlemen: The copy of RMS Production to test is completed. Thomas from Harris and I worked to get this done last night. The process was completed at 10:54 p.m. I came in early and copied FMS production to Test and ran check DB to completion. Both the FMS and RMS environments are now up to date with current data. Thomas: thanks for all your assistance with this daunting task.”

Cathy Romany
City of Oakland Park, FL

"Donna, I want to forward on a big “THANK YOU!” to your support team today. In processing our GEMS payroll this week we had prematurely updated the payroll prior to the interface files to Financial being generated. Donna Wortman and Thomas Bednarski were called in to “save us from ourselves” and between the two of them were able to restore our database from a backup to a pre-update status. Donna and Tom were kind, professional and calming to us as we all worked to the get the database restored.We very much appreciate all they’ve done for us today and value their knowledge of the system, databases and applications. Would you please tell them “thank you” for us? Appreciate it (and them) so very much..."

Ed Vandehey & Vivian Penaredondo
City of Pacifica, CA

Gen, You are beyond super woman! You have just made my day. You have no idea how much pressure has been lifted off my shoulders! I am so very grateful and unable to express my happiness. You have truly been the best thing Innoprise has given us. I want to let everyone in your organization know just how valuable you are!”

Dona Presswood, Permit Coordinator
City of Kissimmee, FL

I want to give Brent and Tom many, many kudos for all the information and guidance they have provided me in my struggles to get to ABS land [Agile Business Suite].  I’ll owe them both a round if they are at the San Diego conference.”

Tony Oliver
Kenai Peninsula Borough, AK

"Hi Donna, I just wanted to give kudos to Blake, Charu and Rickard for their help in implementing the fleet billing functionality. This ended up being more complicated than expected and involved all 3 of your staff (including Rickard pitching in even after he transferred divisions). They were very responsive and knowledgeable in assisting us. This new functionality has worked well and we were able to easily take on maintenance for the school district (a separate entity) because we had implemented this functionality.  I continue to be impressed with GEMS supportThanks and Happy Holidays."

John Ruggini,
City of Wauwatosa, WI

“I just wanted to give a shout out to one of your employees:  Super(man) Blake to the rescue! Our IT dept. had been going in circles for a little over a week trying to get my FMS SkyView working.  HRMS SkyView was working fine, no problem. Within one pleading phone call, Blake (Robertson) figured out the problem, talked us through fixing it and gave us pointers to prevent more occurrences on other computers. Blake never fails to come through, on any problem we’ve thrown at him.  Thank goodness for Blake, our ‘go to guru’.”

Debbie Johnson
Vallecitos Water District, CA

“Dennis, I wanted to let you know that the City of Pacifica absolutely loves the high quality of service that we’ve always received from Blake and Laura; they are ‘gems’!”

Ed Vandehey
City of Pacifica, CA

Jaime Barr from the City of Casa Grande, AZ wrote in to compliment R&D team member Cathy Colburn on her help with the City’s Innoprise Utility Billing software:

We want to extend our thanks to Cathy Colburn. Several events transpired in the Finance Department that have pushed Casa Grande staff into unfamiliar roles, two of those being billing and meter reads.  If it wasn't for Cathy assisting us with question after question, making herself available to us during our working hours or her vast knowledge of the product we would not have had success in getting the billing finalized and mailed. She's a gem!!”

“The Innoprise Utility Billing/CIS product causes me less grief than any of the other modules we have. Rana is awesome and knows her stuff inside out and backwards, as does Cathy...  

“With Innoprise Centralized Cash Receipting (CCR), I rarely have to intervene; the product integrates well with other modules – keep going on that route!”

Stephanie Adams, IT Manager
City of Casa Grande, AZ

“I am very happy with the relationship I have with Harris ERP. Laura Mathis is great to work with, and responds quickly to any issue we have. The GEMS software does what we need it to; I have no complaints!”

Sharon Tuttle
Franklin County Public Schools, VA

“I enjoy the relationships I have developed with the GEMS support staff over the years.”

Tony Oliver
Kenai Peninsula Borough, AK

“I'm very satisfied with the customer support on Innoprise provided by Harris ERP. The response time is immediate and, most often, so are the fixes!”

Dianne Cooper
City & County of Broomfield

“We are so looking forward to the 2013 Innoprise User Conference. We love the Innoprise software and the Harris ERP support team is WONDERFUL.”

Michelle Spain
Gunnison County, CO

“You know, we are so often rushed by the “do more with less” mentality and “whew that’s off the list”. While we are so grateful for those that help us check those stressors off the list, we often do not take the time to mention it “up the line.” I want to tell you how helpful and skilled Blake Robertson is! Over the 7 years (can you believe it!) that we have been growing with Harris, Blake has been an anchor support for us. He has “pitched in” with every module we use…I find him to be calming, patient and resourceful! When I hear Blake’s voice, I know it is going to work out; it might take some time but it will be progressing until concluded! Thanks for having and keeping skilled staff available to your customers.”."

Gail Moon,
Mercer County, PA

"Customer support has been outstanding - and Harris ERP personnel are top notch."

Ladd Vagen, Director of IT,
City of Flagstaff, AZ

"I am very well pleased with Harris. The availability of personnel to answer questions and assist you work through issues is amazing. On those many occasions that I have had a "how to" question or needed to resolve a critical issue, the Harris staff has made me feel as if I was their only customer. I cannot say enough about the wonderful customer support group with Harris. Kudos to all of you; especially Blake, Toni, Laureano, and Charu."

Gail Moore, Accounts Payable Supervisor,
Shelby County, TN

"I am very happy with the support I have received from Harris anytime I have had an issue. Laura is great to work with and very responsive."

Sharon Tuttle, Assistant Director of Business & Finance,
Franklin County Public Schools, VA

GEMS customer Roger Smith fromStrafford County, NH has high praise for ERP staff members Kim and Laura:

"My main reason for this email is to say a very big thank you to two of your staff: Kim Hermann and Laura Mathis. Without their help I would not have managed to complete our most recent project...

These two ladies provided not only technical support, but my Scottish temperament and frustrations never affected the high level of support they provided. To my surprise and my gratitude they still answered my calls for help. You have two super support staff."

Carrie Stone of Linn County, IA wrote in with her compliments to Sr. Application Support Specialist, Kim Hermann:
"SUPER; Thank you...I really appreciate all the time you and your group take with me. Your response is fast and friendly, even with my pesky minor questions & I do let my management know how helpful you all have been during this time of transition."

"Kim, I appreciate everything you have done. You are awesome. You deserve a weekend off in Paris!"

Chris Peikert, Information Systems,
Matagorda County; Bay City, TX

"I really enjoyed the entire process of the installation and training on the software. The GEMS software is great software and the potential that it has for the City of Owatonna is unbelievable. I have never met nicer employees than the employees of Harris ERP. Everyone there is so friendly and the help and support is wonderful."

Brad Svenby, CPA; Finance Director,
City of Owatonna, MN

Sally Kahlfedt, Administrative Assistant for the City of Waukesha, WI wrote in with her compliments regarding Innoprise Practice Manager, Tammy DiManna:
"I wanted to comment on Tammy DiManna, Product Manager/Implementation Spec-ComDev, CCR & Citizen Access. I've been working with Tammy for over 5 years. During that time her professionalism and expertise has never failed. Just this past week we needed answers to questions with Innoprise in our Building Inspection department. Once again, Tammy answered quickly and explained how the process worked until we fully understood it. There are so many times that in a pinch, she has always been able to be there for us. I can't say enough about her and the Innoprise Help Desk."

Hilda Talebi, ERP System Analyst at the City of Greenwood Village, CO wrote in to compliment the Innoprise team:
"I want to express my appreciation for Bryce Harward, Charisse Camacho Hanson, Sharne Krige, and Rana Dewall in the way they successfully handled the recent migration of [the] Innoprise application server. As always, their professionalism, knowledge, dedication and contribution have been magnificent. Thank you again for all your hard work."

When asked "What is the most important thing we could do that would improve our relationship with you?" on our most recent customer satisfaction survey, we received the following responses:

"I really do not see where there needs to be any improvement. Things are great like they are."

Debora Shiver, Accounting Clerk, City of Tifton, GA

"Improvement not needed at this time. Response is always quick; professionalism is always displayed; and results are always as required."

Gail Kerr-Moore, Accounts Payable Supervisor,
Shelby County, TN

"Just keep doing the same outstanding work."

Michael Evans, Senior Accounting Specialist,
Highline Water District, WA

"I have always been able to get help [from the Support team] when I had a problem. Thank you."

Glenda Jackson, Account Manager,
City of Tifton, GA

"Customer support is great and I have worked with some great employees (such as Blake and Toni)."

Gail Moore, Accounts Payable Supervisor,
Shelby County, TN

"We are very satisfied with the GEMS software, especially the online documentation
and the support you provide."

Nancy Reichardt, Information Technology,
City of Vero Beach, FL

Sandie Terry, Director of Information Technology for Franklin County, VA, wrote in with her compliments to Technical Services team member John, who worked with her on a Payroll testing and update issue: "Schools' parallel payroll was super! Thank you John for all your efforts and such wonderful communication!"

She went on to say: "I really applaud John's project management AND communication throughout the effort to virtualize our GEMS applications! He kept everyone totally up to date on progression of activities and next steps - keeping everyone on the same page and in the loop!!  SUPERB!!!"

"I want to comment on the excellent support I received from Mike regarding a GLI issue I was experiencing. Mike is very knowledgeable about GLI.  In addition to sending me helpful tools to manipulate the GLI file he also offered me tips on how to easily create the final output. Then, when I encountered errors with executing the GLI file, Mike was able to quickly figure out the issue and provide me with the solution. He responded to all my e-mails as well as my voicemails promptly and professionally. I work with numerous vendors for technical support and I want to let you know that Mike did an exceptional job. It was a pleasure working with him."

Darlene Glaser, IT Department,
City of Mentor, OH

"Kim, thank you so much for your immediate response and assistance well past office hours yesterday. We successfully updated PREDIT this morning and got the ACH tape to the bank by 8AM. We very much appreciate your time and effort!"

Christine Mincy, Systems Support Coordinator,
City of Maryville, TN

"I wanted to take a moment to recognize Laura Mathis for service above and beyond during the years that I have been fortunate enough to work with her. As I find my job duties shifting here at Ellis County, I realize that one of the things I will miss is the great resource that Laura has always been. Of course, I know she will continue to be such a resource to those who will be taking on the payroll responsibilities in the coming months."

Ellis County, TX

"If I had a pedestal, I'd put Laura on it!!!"

Lynne Anne Carter, MIS Department,
Kenai Peninsula Borough, AK

"Hi Brent! Just a quick note to let you know that we've successfully changed our IP scheme on the network and made the system changes that we received from you. Your instructions were extremely helpful! I just wanted you to know that all of us in the department really appreciated having a roadmap to ensure that the GEMS apps would be configured properly after our change. Thank you!"

Karla Harker, Senior Systems Analyst,
Incline Village, NV

Tom Otzelberger, Manager of Information Systems for the City of Wauwatosa, WI, had this to say about Support team member Brent Goetz: "Whenever I have a technical issue Brent is always very good at helping me. I really appreciate working with him."

"Laura, you are a 'Payroll Dynamo'! You really understand our issues; you talk the talk; and our entire staff thinks very highly of you. We really enjoy working with you!"

Patty Lynch, Comptroller,
City of Janesville, WI

"Recently, I contacted Laura Mathis with a panicky situation and she stayed after hours (your time) to help me through it. I was able to avoid spending the night at City Hall to deal with a legal matter strictly because of Laura's professional, expertise, and overall skills in HRMS. I can't thank her enough for what she did for SJC and me that day. She is the queen of all things (tell her that is straight from Pooja and Norma)!"

City of San Juan Capistrano, CA

"I am writing to compliment you on one of your employees, Ms. Laura Mathis. Twice in the last few weeks, Laura has made time to meet with me via WebEx in order to work with me on the use of SkyView. She carried it beyond that, even, and provided me with valuable education on the use of Excel..."Because of her efforts, Ellis County has been saved countless man-hours, many of which would have resulted in banking of comp time at time and a half. This information has helped us not only with our human resources-related work, but we have since been able to use it to save additional manhours on indigent health care projects. This was truly exceptional service."

Diana, Ellis County, TX

"Thank you John for working with us today to help us resolve the GEMS system performance issues. The end user and I are very pleased with the outcome and we have you to thank for that. We ran a number of tests on our own before getting in touch with you, yet our efforts were unsuccessful. I’m thankful that you were able to determine what was going wrong and able to provide a quick solution. Nice work, John!"

Ed Vandehey, MIS Manager,
City of Pacifica, CA

"During the holidays, right after Christmas I worked on getting our GEMS Application server up to date with the latest service packs, tax information, and current release version to our Production system. After working late on Sunday night until about 3:30 Monday morning, I had finally finished my project and everything seemed to be fine. When I came in on Monday, I had a few voice mails on my phone.

When I checked them, I found that we were having some problems with QuickReports, searching features, and a report we use made by GEMS years ago that brings our Cayenta Utility payments for water and electricity into our General Ledger properly. All of these issues were very important to us as many employees and the citizens of Maryville rely on them.

I placed a ticket in the Harris support Web portal after trying to find out what had happened to cause the issue. Knowing that it would be hard to find someone on the 28th of December, I didn't know how long it would take for these high priority issues to be addressed. I was at a road block and could not figure out exactly how to fix the issue myself. Since we use ORACLE instead of SQL Server, finding someone who knows about the complexity of the Oracle system has been tough at times with any software vendor.

After about one hour, I got a call from John who was eager to address the issue at hand and was relentless in giving up. Even after we had closed for the day, he was still working on the issue. Within a few minutes, John recognized the problem and started by testing his procedure in our TEST environment. When he found out that it worked in the TEST area, he then proceeded to work on the same issue in our Production environment. John had, by the end of that day, fixed both environments in no time at all. He followed up with all of the issues, cracking the problems one at a time, and working with me via WebEx and phone to keep me informed of what he was doing. Not only did I get a great customer experience from him, I learned a great deal about these type of issues and how to take care of them myself if this were to ever effect us again.

I just wanted to let you and the Harris ERP (Harris Corporate) staff know of what a diligent worker he was for us in a time that we needed serious help. John always followed up, either through my desk or cell, even while I was at the house getting ready for a vacation. I was able to remote in and work with him while still getting my things ready for a New Year’s Eve celebration with my wife. He removed the stress I had on my plate and jumped in to address it fully.

John deserves a major Kudos for the effort he put in to the issues, how to track and work them, and teach the local GEMS Administrator and Project Manager a few things that I did not know even after being on the system for several years and attending several user conferences and tech classes. The City of Maryville, my wife, and I want to thank him for his hard work during this time. I understand that during the holidays staff is short, but we did not feel shortened at all with the issues we were facing."

Chris Adkins,
City of Maryville, TN

"I want to let you know how happy I am to have worked with Brent Goetz today. Brent assisted me with two nagging problems that we had been experiencing...  With one of the issues he was able to provide us a solution through written instructions via email. The other was resolved through the help of a WebEx session with me. In both instances Brent was thorough, professional and patient as he wove his way through our configuration/setup, explaining to me not only the "what" but the "why" - for that I am most appreciative. Because of his knowledge and talent, I can now go home and relax knowing that today progress was made. I feel good knowing that Brent is on your team (and ours!)."

Ed Vandehey, MIS Manager,
City of Pacifica, CA

"Over the years, Brent has always risen to the occasion when needed, and has kept me appraised on technical issues. Thanks Brent! Your tenacity in leading us through this solution came at the right time for us. Keep up the good work."

Zane, City of Richland, WA

"John has been terrific. When I encountered a number of challenges in getting our Positive Pay SkyView application to work with the GEMS software, his follow up, as well as his focus on problem resolution, was perfect. I greatly appreciated the effort."

Jeffrey B. Blume, Director of Finance,
City of Ferguson, MO

"In the past couple of weeks we've had some technical issues to overcome. In that time I have had several occasions to work with Brent Goetz. I just wanted to pass along a word of thanks for the great job Brent does handling support issues. He has great technical as well as customer relations skills. While some of problems were a bit perplexing, his patience, fortitude, and resourcefulness paid off. From a customer's perspective, it's a pleasure to work with a professional like him. His attitude is a very good reflection of your support organization and helps to further galvanize the long-time successful business partnership we have had with Harris ERP."

Thomas L. Otzelberger, Manager of Information Systems,
City of Wauwatosa, WI

"I just want to take a minute to let you know how much we appreciate Harris ERP support staff. Last week we put in an e-support call with FMS and received exceptional service from Toni Bolden. I have had many opportunities to work with Toni on the Finance module and our Inventory module. She gives superior service and is very prompt in her response time. Toni is very knowledgeable and truly pleasant to work with. Thank you and please give Toni a pat on the back from San Juan County!"

Tammy, Application Support Specialist,
San Juan County, NM

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