Customer Buzz on Implementation

See what customers have to say about the Harris ERP implementation process:

In August, the City of Durango, CO went live on Permitting functionality within Innoprise Community Development. Dan Armentano, Permit Technician within the Community Development Department of Durango had this to say about the implementation process:

"Our implementation seemed like it was particularly cumbersome at times due to the complexity of our previous software, and as a result the process took well over a year. There was naturally some apprehension approaching the Go-Live, but our consultant worked really hard for us through the weekend and our nerves were unwarranted. The transition on Monday morning went incredibly smoothly and any issues that arose were quickly resolved. We’re excited about the flexibility and convenience that our new permitting software will provide for our staff and public, and are looking forward to adding more features in the near future. Thanks again to your whole team."

Sally Sheets, Accounting Technician for Vallecitos Water District (CA) had this to share just after upgrading to Agile Business Suite:

“We did an upgrade to AB Suite last week. Today when I ran a RECALCTAX it only took 8 minutes versus the previous 45 minutes. Wow!”

Tina Weeks, Assistant Foreman for the City of Emporia, KS had this to say about Waste Management:

“Over the years we’ve tried several different software programs and we finally found the right one for us with Harris ERP’s Waste Management! It is simple to navigate. Easy to use. We would 100% recommend the software!”

Katie Torkelson of Johnson County, IA commented on the go-live experience for Work Management:

“Working with the Innoprise system has been a positive experience for me. I have enjoyed being part of the process in helping make decisions on how we want it set up. It’s nice to feel like my input is valued. Valerie White has been very helpful and knowledgeable. Changing over to a new Work Management system is challenging, but so far the transition has been comfortable, and I feel like we have a lot of support.”

Warren Newton, Director of Administration & Finance for the City of North Charleston, SC commented on the implementation experience:

“The City of North Charleston, through the tremendous leadership and guidance of Dan Burrell, recently completed the migration from our GEMS payroll system to Innoprise Payroll. Our decision to migrate from GEMS to Innoprise was prompted primarily from the standpoint of how user friendly the Innoprise payroll system has shown to be along with the ease of report generation and data extraction.”

Tracey Probert, CPA – Finance Director for City of Layton, UT commented on the implementation experience:

“We have been long-time customers of Harris and we chose to stay with them because they have always provided excellent customer service. This implementation was no exception. The team at Harris worked tirelessly to help us meet our go-live deadline and they continue to follow-up and work diligently on our behalf during this transitional stage with our users. We are very grateful to Valerie White and her team for exceeding our expectations and making this a very smooth transition.”

Becky Cardiff, Development Services Supervisor for the City of Flagstaff, AZ, reflected on her most recent go-live experience with Harris ERP. In June, the City went live on Innoprise Community Development. Becky had kudos to pass along to Implementation Specialist Gail Sorensen.

“Gail did a great job on our project …Her workload kept her extremely busy but she always managed to keep up. Once Gail got on our project and we got going she was awesome and we made it happen!”

After going live on Agile Business Suite, Wally Meyer, Database Administrator for the City of Blue Springs, MO commented on the experience:

“We needed to upgrade our 2006 Gems server that still had a 2003 Windows operating system and a SQL 2000 database and wanted to do our AB Suite upgrade at the same time. This huge task was no problem for the Harris support teamof Kim Hermann and Brent Goetz. Brent helped us plan our new ABSuite system with two 2 virtual servers and Kim did a great job setting up our servers, converting our FMS, HRMS and RMS systems and getting our new EOM software up and running. Our testing found several minor issues that were easy to fix with Kim’s and Brent’s help. We just finished our first week on the new system and everything is working as expected. Many thanks to Kim and Brent for their great support.”

Chris Engle of the Harris ERP Professional Services team recently completed Innoprise training with Kayleigh Carlin of the Finance Department for the City of Greenwood, Indiana. She wrote in with compliments:

“Chris did a really good job helping me understand the deposit and collection functions.”

John Donaghy of Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water and Sewer Commission (BGCJWSC), a GEMS to Innoprise migration customer, wrote in recently with praise for the new system:

“Valerie, I found a way to make the Ad-Hoc report give us what we need for project reporting. It takes me less than 5 minutes to prepare a report that used to take at least a half day!!! Innoprise ROCKS!!!!”

William Sperry from the City of Richland, WA spoke about his organization's Agile Business Suite migration experience:

“Thanks to your capable group of specialists as well as keeping communications going, we had a smooth upgrade. Every question was answered and Kim has a very solid process and understanding of our system. Our GEMS server hardware was at its end of life putting our customers at risk of failure from extended outage to the business. The Harris ERP team was willing to work with our tight schedule to complete the upgrade during what was our only open window for this year. Many well said thanks came from our finance team about a vendor that cared enough to go the extra steps to keep our deployment on target and well within acceptable success criteria. 

“Additionally, the specification for our new hardware was a very good match for performance increases. All of our customers are very happy with the increased speed to complete tasks that had become annoyingly slow on our old hardware. Keep up the great communication and work and thanks again for all your support!”

Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water and Sewer Commission Chief Financial Officer John Donaghy spoke about the Comission's migration from GEMS to Innoprise, and about the implementation experience: “The implementation process for Innoprise made our conversion seem almost easy. There are so many opportunities for data verification and process testing during the conversion that we were completely confident going live.

“Everyone in our finance department is ecstatic with Innoprise. More importantly, division heads, department managers and supervisors now have a tool that allows them to be more self-reliant in managing their budgets. Innoprise provides them with all the information they need with a few clicks of a mouse.

Valerie, our project manager, was wonderful in leading us though the process, understanding our needs and teaching us how to get the best from the system.

“The capabilities of the software and the work of the people at Harris have not only provided a vast improvement in our systems, but have brought a renewed enthusiasm to everyone who works with or relies upon financial data.”

Frances Wilson at BGCJWSC provides a user’s point of view. She “loves the new system. The ability to retrieve the information I need and the ease of voiding a check and cancelling or resetting an invoice is AWESOME.She continues with compliments to Harris ERP Practice Manager Valerie Loyd: “Thanks so much for your time and efforts in making our conversion a success.”

Rhonda Moen, from the City of Owatonna, MN wrote in with praise to Brent Goetz for help with the City's migration to the Agile Business Suite (AB Suite):

“Brent’s knowledge and expertise were invaluable during the migration process. His pre-planning and training were very useful. Any issues encountered during the migration were resolved in a timely fashion."

Carrie Teich from the City of Flagstaff, AZ wrote in with praise to Charisse and Valerie on their hard work in getting tax on pcard transactions to work correctly for the City, ahead of schedule:

“Wow! Considering this was slotted as a post go live item is indeed great news and really shows your very high level of customer satisfaction and dedication to the City of Flagstaff. We are grateful for your hard work on this one too Val and Charisse!”

Carrie also complimented Val, Charisse and David on their work getting the City’s Web Services up and running:

“Oh that is just awesome news!!! You and your teammates deserve a reward and have our gratitude. You have accomplished a heroic feat for us in the area of these web services and far exceeded our expectations especially in the last month. We are proud to be partnering with Innoprise for this migration effort. This should raise the city’s faith in this endeavor and build momentum. This should also greatly help Ladd Vagen [Flagstaff IT Director] and his team build encouragement and should start to relieve some of the fears and unsettled feelings that occur with change…I feel confident we are on solid footing with this project and its future phases.”

Diane Cooper, Billing & Accounts Administrator for the City and County of Broomfield, CO, wrote in with her compliments to Cathy & Rana for their help on implementing a Paymentus solution for Broomfield’s Innoprise Utility Billing/CIS product:

"Hi Cathy, We are doing a big ol’ happy dance around here right now!  Thanks to you & super woman Rana for doing this for us…  We are going to make sure that everyone involved knows that you guys made this happen….and quickly!!  Jane said to make sure Rana knows how much she appreciates this!  You guys really are excellent and this is a testament to my stance that Innoprise has the best customer service ever.  I’ve majored on that point whenever I’ve talked with other entities, and it is so true!"

After going live on Innoprise Sales Tax, Jennifer Johnson of the City of Champaign, IL, wrote in to compliment Gordon:

“We had a great experience working with Innoprise to implement the Sales Tax application. Gordon Veale is an excellent trainer. He worked closely with our team throughout the process. He is knowledgeable, responsive and patient. Now that we're using the application, we are excited to see improvements in data integrity, reporting and overall efficiency. Our department will be exploring ways to expand the Innoprise Sales Tax application to help us work smarter in other areas of collections.”

Rich Anderson of the City of Logan, Utah had this to say about the Innoprise implementation team:

"By the way, I have been incredibly impressed with everyone we have worked with in getting our implementations completed. They have exceeded my expectations at every deadline and at every turn.  Kudos are in order to your entire team!"

Dan Milam, IT Director for Johnson County, TX spoke about the County’s recent go-live on Innoprise Financials, and praises Innoprise Implementer Bailey Blanchette.

"I’m pleased to say things are going well. I believe the biggest factor for our success was Bailey and his knowledge of the entire process beyond the software. I can’t tell you how beneficial it was that he understood the financial process. When those guys tried to trip him up, he was all over it. All in all, I’m very pleased with the results of our project."

In preparation for the Village of Glencoe, IL to go live on Innoprise Community Development, Harris ERP Application Consultant Gail Sorensen was on site this past week and received the following compliments from the Director of Public Works, Dave Mau:

"Thanks for all your support this week. Your calm and encouraging attitude went a long way towards creating a positive atmosphere to offset the fear of the unknown for many in our department. We are excited about the challenge that lies ahead as we make the transition."

"I am really pleased that the Town of Sahuarita and Innoprise were able to implement the online Citizen Access system. It is one more step in our efforts to provide a higher level of service in our community as well as 24/7 access to our permit and zoning case statuses."

Sarah S. More, FAICP, Building and Planning Director,
Town of Sahuarita, AZ

Jennifer Johnson from the City of Champaign, IL wrote in to Harris ERP Application Consultant Donna Sauve with her compliments after the City went live on Innoprise Utility Billing:

"Thank you so much for the wonderful cake and coffee mugs. We enjoy working with you personally, and look forward to a continued positive working relationship as we implement the Innoprise software applications."

Here are two comments the City of West University Place, TX had about their Innoprise Community Development implementation:

"The City of West University Place expresses its gratitude to Gail Sorensen and the Innoprise Community Development technical team for the successful implementation of the ComDev Application Suite - in only 6 months! System configuration could not have been easier and data conversion was completed with few problems."

John Brown, Building Official for the City.

"I believe the biggest factor for our success was the dedication of Innoprise staff to our project and their patience and listening abilities with our staff. I'm very pleased with the results of our project."

Chris Peifer, Assistant City Manager and Director of Public Works

Using Innoprise, the City of Gainesville, FL can now monitor building permits throughout the approval process. Electronic files of any type can be attached to permits, permit reviews or permit inspections.

"The checks and balances for getting the data in and correct for all the processes up front in the setup process, allows for an automated process for all of the functions of the database," said Doug Murdock, Building Official for the City."Now that Code Enforcement, Building and the Planning departments are all live on Innoprise, the City has a comprehensive land management system that tracks all three minimizing data entry and improving overall department efficiency," explained Murdock.

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"Shelby County's first use of [GEMS] HRMS for the 1/15/10 payroll was very successful with no conversion or system-related problems. The success was due to the extensive time commitment and dedication of our staff in Human Resources, the Payroll office and Information Technology along with support from the Harris ERP staff. The project HRMS I.T. team and other Shelby County support staff worked through the holiday season ensuring conversion would be complete and on schedule. This additional dedicated time and effort expended testing and reviewing data conversion; and the parallel testing of two complete payrolls; plus other testing and reviews, were obviously worthwhile and played a significant role in the success of the project."

Audrey Stevenson-Tipton, Controller,
Shelby County, TN

"The I.T. staff was pleased that the conversion and implementation went as planned, with very few problems. One distinguishing feature of the GEMS product is the Conversion Workbook, which provided the I.T. staff with an easy-to-follow guide to conversion and implementation tasks. This workbook included planning documents that helped us assign responsibilities, which helped us tremendously with the coordination and communication of projects details, so necessary for a project this size. Now that we are live, I.T. looks forward to learning more about some of the advanced features that the product offers, such as screen designer, enhancing the look of our portal, QuickView reports, using perl scripts to automate tasks, etc. We also would like to explore to possibility of interfacing the system with a timekeeping solution, and an e-procurement system."

Lee Wessels, Lead Systems Analyst,
Shelby County, TN

"Charu, I’ve said this before and I will say it again – You are a genius! You have helped us out immensely during our implementation and are always a joy to work with."

John Fusco, Accounting Manager,
Vallecitos Water District, CA

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